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“If you built a project and did not write about it, did you really build a project?”


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  • ROS: Worked on the open-source Robot Operating System (ROS) as a summer intern in 2022. What was really cool about this experience was that I got to work directly with NASA on their VIPER lunar rover project, supporting their use of ROS2 and Gazebo on their simulation, ground control, and autonomy systems.
  • aUToronto, UofT’s self-driving car team: I’ve been a part of this team since 2020 and in doing so have worn many hats. Here are some of them:
    • Trajectory motion planning lead: designed, implemented, and deployed local trajectory motion planning algorithms to generate kinematically feasible trajectories
    • DLA lead, creating a inference engine to run YOLOv5 in real-time across 4 cameras with NVIDIA TensorRT
    • Simulation & Testing co-lead, working on automated integration testing & associated ROS/ROS2 tooling Demo below
  • GrocerCheck: Github, Pitch Deck A website to help people reduce contact at grocery stores and essential services. Got some press coverage too!
  • btrnt: "Bot or not": A chrome extension that implements GLTR to use machine learning to detect and combat AI-generated text. Demo below.
  • The Humerus Bot A bot that leverages large NLP ML models to play Cards against Humanity, a popular humor-based card game. Demo below.
  • gws: A simple web server implemented in 111 lines of go used for serving my personal website. Github
  • dotfiles: Config files I spend too much time on.
  • LivePopularTimes GrocerCheck backend data collection library
  • bettermotherfuckinghugowebsite A minimal hugo template inspired by – now with modern conveniences.
  • BC Parks Foundation: ‘discoverparks’ platform currently in public alpha.
  • And more!


OSRF Intern Presentation

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OSRF Intern Presentation Demo

GrocerCheck CBC Interview

Download Video.

The frame rate may be a bit slow because it was a screen recording of TV footage.

GrocerCheck Pitch Deck

This browser does not support PDFs. Please download the PDF to view it: Download PDF.

aUToTest (aUToronto)

Download Video.


Download Video.


Download Video.