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Hi, I’m Brian

And I’m an Engineering Science student at the University of Toronto majoring in Computer Engineering and minoring in Robotics. While I’m not cramming for school I like to cook, play badminton, and sometimes build cool stuff like self-driving cars. Or, in more general terms: I convert bubble tea to spaghetti code1. I also occasionally write posts on my blog, so feel free to check that out too :)


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About this page

This site’s design was inspired by the great minds behind If you would like to also like to have a site that isn’t an absolute eyesore and doesn’t load a 40-pound jQuery file, check out the hugo theme behind this website. Also, it is more eco-friendly!

  1. but hopefully it tastes good ↩︎

  2. I like to think that they’re \( \LaTeX \)-ed up nicely and are of non-zero utility. ↩︎