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Writing a resume with LaTeX

Let’s face it – \( \LaTeX \)) is unequivocally cooler than Word. And you want an unequivocally cool resume. So you tried altacv, but it always got absolutely chewed up by ATS systems.

And so you yearned for a 🌠cool🥶 single-column layout, but you couldn’t find one.

I present: my fork of altacv with a few 🌟 revolutionary 🌟 features.

  1. Cut down on icons to improve pdf-to-text conversion
  2. Change to a single-column layout
  3. \itag{asdf} command to draw an inline “tag”
  4. \chref command for hyperlinks
  5. Disabling word wrapping and hyphenation
  6. Various changes to \makecvevent, etc. to improve pdf-to-text conversion

For an example of the output, see my about me page, or the picture below.

Disclaimer: using this template is not a guarantee that it will help you get a job. Trust me – I wish it did.