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Engsci Year 3 Fall Notes

This semester I’m trying to do it all in \( \LaTeX \). There should be an embedded pdf viewer below, but if it doesn’t work1, you can download the pdf here. These notes are pretty good for the first half of most courses, then I got rather preoccupied with catching the flu and PEY co-op applications. In any case it should be a reasonably decent resource. Notes are somewhat better for ECE352 and ECE358 but definitely has holes.

The following courses are covered (with varying degrees of completion). Bolded notes are more complete

  • ECE349: Introduction to Energy Systems
  • ECE352: Computer Organization
  • ECE355: Signals Analysis and Communications
  • ECE358: Foundations of Computing
  • ECE360: Electronics
  • MAT389: Complex Analysis

This browser does not support PDFs. Please download the PDF to view it: Download PDF.

  1. This usually the case on mobile devices ↩︎